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Check both husband and wife have sufficient life insurance

I HAVE always thought life insurance is something of a misnomer – it should really be called ‘death insurance’ because death is what you are insuring against.


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chezza - Granville

I believe that costs start at about seven grand, just to get buried, at the cheapest end of the scale. How many families have that amount of cash just lying around, so if you can afford life insurance, then i suppose that it's a good thing. What is...

Bill Hoffman

Caroline Hutchinson

Mohamed Elomar has a warrant out for his arrest.

OPINION: Waging war on ISIS will hurt our country

IS IT just me or does everyone wonder if we’ll ever learn?


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glenvk - Mons

Groups like IS have been waging gruesome wars since before the Bible was written, because the wars are documented in that book. Attempting to intervene will only help to spread the autrocities to other parts of the world. If Australia gets involved ...

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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