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Mount morgan gunman adin Joel Cussen

Reports of shots fired from house in area gunman last seen

LATEST:REPORTS indicate shots have been fired from a house in the area where the gunman was last seen in Mount Morgan yesterday.


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yamostlyidiots - Rockhampton City

he probably slipped through the siege zone before you even had it cordoned off .... seeing as it took time for the forward command to even get a map of where they were ..... ummmm .... a smartphone in your pocket would have given you google's one...

Man arrested following the execution of search warrants across Sydney's north-west suburbs, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014. Authorities have raided a string of homes and made several arrests as part of counter-terrorism operation in Sydney and Brisbane

Raids stops terrorist plot to commit 'serious violence'

ANTI-terrorism raids have thwarted plans to do 'serious violence' in New South Wales.


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Mangsaab - Norville

If sixty or so Australian Moslems are willing to kill for Islam in the Middle East, it stands to reason their support system must be many many times that number. This is only the beginning. Radical Islam is alive and well and with us now. Keep...


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