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Car slips off bridge in US big freeze

Video Published: 8 Jan 2014

A car slides off a bridge as the US endures the chilling power of a polar vortex.

Marque of fame

Gallery Published: 26 Aug 2011

Here are a few cars owned or driven by famous people, old and new, recent and late. Who are they signalling what to? We’ll...

OMG, AMG is a head turner

Story Published: 9 Jun 2012

ALL those modern-day folk sprouting “OMG” have obviously never sampled the best metal wearing a three-pointed star.

Driver's lucky escape as hammer smashes windscreen

Story Published: 4 Aug 2013

A WOMAN and her partner are lucky to be alive after a hammer flew into the windscreen while she was driving at 100kmh.

Running rings around style

Story Published: 2 Jun 2012

IT'S a car synonymous with style, glitz and glamour.

Owner, car reunited, 21 years later

Story Published: 2 May 2012

IN 1988, Alex Kuiper built a Datsun Bluebird Convertible from scratch. He then sold it and then bought it back, 21 years...

Shopping mum leaves baby in car with note

Story Published: 25 Mar 2013

A NEW Zealand mother went shopping after leaving her baby alone in a car with a note telling other carpark users to call...

Mazda3 SkyActiv leads the way

Story Published: 10 Jun 2012

MAZDA has turned up the heat even further on the competition by giving its hot-selling Mazda3 a mid-life upgrade that is...

Need for speed

Story Published: 29 Feb 2012

JASON Benz might be the driver but reckons it will be a team effort if he wins the 2012 Australian Pro Street Association...

Carlos Santana shows security the door to let party begin

Story Published: 29 Mar 2013

CARLOS Santana was all out for a party in Brisbane last night and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him – least of all the...


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