21 April - 21 May

Haste makes waste now and this is evident from the hard aspect of the Moon to Jupiter, with Jupiter being in your sixth house of debts and powerful while being retrograde. A family reunion is an ideal way to bring relatives together but don't let any of the additional costs fall on your shoulders. If there's been tension on the home front it's time to reconnect and get things back on track. Avoid serious topics and try not to be too dogmatic about your beliefs while Pluto, also retrograde, is transiting your important ninth house of philosophical perspectives. Differences of opinion will arise.


22 May - 21 June

You should promote yourself actively right now, so don't be afraid to show off your talents. Words of advice will be comforting but more importantly, will help deal with a stubborn long-standing problem. Dealing with nervous parents could also erode your time and patience. Compassion is your keyword today. Don't try too hard in making friends as you may alienate someone in the process. Allow others to take the lead when it comes to social interactions. You may be challenged by a brother or sister or even perhaps a neighbour. How you deal with this has everything to do with keeping calm and collected. Wait until you have all the information.


22 June - 23 July

Transform your personality into something that will make an impact on others professionally and personally but try a little harder to be careful not to fall into the trap of rushing into new opportunities or mouthing off before you have all your facts and figures straight. With the Moon and Uranus making contact there can be abrupt changes in your routine or behaviour by co-workers that don't fit the mold. You could be thrown into a tailspin simply trying to figure out where everyone is coming from now.�Be open to listening intently to what other have to say, particularly if it's constructive criticism.


24 July - 23 August

Mercury forms favourable aspect to Saturn and the North node or karmic point even though it is retrograde. This means you may be able to consolidate your finances and if you are that way inclined, speculation by reviewing where you're investing your money as well as your time. The Moon is transiting your ninth house today with the conjunction of Uranus looming, indicating a quirky sort of feel to the day. You are more action-oriented and want to be the center of activity. Because of your extravagances, this period may trouble you with excessive debt, waste or losses through ill-informed speculation.


24 August - 23 September

Sexuality and passion are the keywords today as the Moon transits Uranus in your eighth house of intimacy. As a result, you want to share yourself with someone close. Your emotional security is vulnerable because you don�t feel content with your level of intimacy. This could be an exciting day or rather frenetic depending on how you handle it.�Work on this to balance mind and heart. If you've loaned someone cash and you're feeling stretched, today's a good day to get it back. You need to reserve your money for some bigger expenses shortly. You have a luxurious taste right now so you need some surplus money fast.


24 September - 23 October

The transit of the Moon and Uranus in your seventh house of relationships brings powerful encounters with others and significant developments in partnerships so expect things to suddenly change even if you're quite sure that you have your finger on the pulse. Pressures in relationships challenge attitudes and situations but you may be reacting based upon a need for some sort of new and exciting stimulus. You need to grapple with deep drives and motivations which threaten change and upheaval in your existing relationships.�Transformation and renewal are necessary now so remain open.


24 October - 22 November

Don't overextend yourself or others now especially with the Moon and Jupiter in opposition. Trying too hard to ingratiate yourself, expending more time than you need on those who give a little back they frustrate you now. You may also be annoyed by the number of so-called friends on your Facebook account who rarely if ever even make an effort to say hello. As if this is real friendship! Attrition is your keyword now not expansion. The more you cut back the more you will see the value in your life revealed. This takes discipline and a degree of ruthlessness to get rid of what you no longer need in your life.


23 November - 22 December

You can sidestep arguments in your personal relationships now by being a little more compassionate and loving, even if people seem to be hell-bent on beating you up. With Mars transiting your seventh house of relationships non-reaction is the key to improving things. Someone you're working or living with is a serious problem and may not be telling you exactly what's on their mind. These difficult Mars aspects can impact both your family and working life. It's only natural to assume that you've done something wrong when in fact this isn't the case. Read between the lines and give them your shoulder to cry on.


23 December - 20 January

How you deal with your past mistakes may be critical today as Karma may catch up with you during this cycle? There's no use crying over spilled milk and wallowing in regrets or guilt. Dispersed thinking is a result of living in the past and may actually distract you from present opportunities.�If part of that problem is someone you've been trying to keep face with it's best you confront them and put that problem to bed. Become acutely aware of your finances as oversights lead to trouble. If you're careful enough, however, things should go smoothly. This period will also present you with something exciting.


21 January - 19 February

You can be highly concentrated by a new project or idea at this time. You will find yourself unusually settled in your mental focus but this could also have you blinkered so try to keep some peripheral vision in the process. Someone close to you may misinterpret your attention to the details at hand as a dismissal of them. Explain your position so that they don't misunderstand you completely. Competitiveness is always thrilling and perhaps you can share that thrill in a romantic way with someone who means a lot to you.�Finding common ground will be important as you are driven by some hobby or sport now.


20 February - 20 March

A sudden windfall or some unexpected meeting relating to money and finance could come your way now as a result of the Moon transiting next to Uranus in your second house of income. Pluto is also influencing the Moon meaning you may be a little obsessive about cash now, for good or bad. You could have been feeling somewhat down that you haven�t quite achieved all the financial goals you've set for yourself but it's too early to despair because there are new opportunities coming shortly. Collect yourself and re-establish a workable schedule. You may even discover information that enhances your luck during this cycle.


21 March - 20 April

There may be a profitable short trip available to you now which can help your work or your business. However,�you may also be rather scatty while the Moon transits Uranus and retrograde Mercury in your Sun sign right now. This is more likely to be advantageous if you run an independent business but you also need to make sure you're planning and fact-finding is 100% on target as others may find you confused or confusing in your approach. You may purchase something today in the way of an outfit only to find that you hate it. Think twice before spending especially if you're still in this high-strung mood.

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Haste makes waste now and this is evident from the hard aspect of the Moon to Jupiter, with Jupiter being in your sixth house of debts and...

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