Aircraft models on display

Get ready, one of the largest radio-controlled scale-model aircraft ever flown in Australia will be a star attraction at this weekend’s Spring Charity Airshow at Coolum.

The large-scale model of the US B17 Flying Fortress, with a wingspan of 5.3 metres, will fly circuits and simulated bombing runs over the Quanda Road airfield on both days of the event.

The four petrol-engine bomber will be flown by owner-builder Steve Thomas, with a co-pilot to assist.

More than 60 aircraft, built and flown by members of the Suncoast Model Flyers club, are expected to take part in the show.

Yandina Creek pilot Bob Cottle will be putting his Boomerang Elan through its paces.

The aircraft, with a 2.13-metre wingspan, is a fast, advanced aerobatic jet.

It will be one of many scale model jets flying on both days, with some jets exceeding 300kmh.

There will be a one-third-scale Sopwith Pup fighter, as flown by the Royal Flying Corps over France in World War I.

The event will also feature modern-day jets such as the A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog), Tankbuster and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Other scale models will include helicopters and World War Two Spitfires, Mustangs and Hurricanes.

A large-scale flying model of a Bleriot X1, which in 1909 was the first aircraft to cross the English Channel, will also be a feature of the airshow.

There will non-stop flying activity from 10am to 3pm this Saturday and Sunday, with gates opening at 8am.

Entry is $6 for adults and $3 for children under 16. Children under four will be admitted free. Parking is free.

Full catering will be conducted by the Coolum Beach Lions Club, with proceeds going to charity.

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