One-year-old Minti needs a grandma.
One-year-old Minti needs a grandma.

Angela seeks ‘grandma’ for her one-year-old

Angela Vogt has a problem very common to families who have made the Sunshine Coast their home – her child does not have a grandma living close by.

Angela and her family moved to Coolum five years ago and they just love it here.

But now that she is working again, Angela is looking for someone special to look after her one-year-old daughter Minti “and care for her as if she was part of her own family”.

“It’s hard when you move away from all of your family,” Angela said. “My kids have a nana in regional New South Wales and a grandfather in Scotland and, sadly, that is it on the grandparent front.

“When I was young I spent lots of time with my grandparents and I loved it so much. I feel sad that my children are missing out on such an important relationship.”

Angela said the relationships young children formed with their grandparents and people of their generation were completely different types of relationships to the ones they formed with their parents.

“This is partly what makes it so special,” she said.

“When I was three – a few years ago now – and my mum was working in the family business, I had a wonderful lady called Lainey that looked after me for a number of years.

“Lainey was like a member of the family and she loved me like I was part of her family.

“When I talk to mum about her now, she and I both agree how lucky we were to have someone caring for me that also loved me.”

When Angela was living and working in Sydney, her older boys had a “divine” Italian day carer who looked after them a few days a week.

“Franca was the grandma the boys didn’t really have,” she said. “I felt that whilst the boys missed out on time with me, they gained a special relationship with Franca.

“So many people come here to retire, they leave behind their own families and I imagine that they miss having children in their lives as much I miss having a grandma in my kids’ lives.”

If anyone is interested in a job that involves “running around after a curious one-year-old (and) giving her lots of love and hugs”, Angela would like to hear from you on 5446 3932.


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