Cancer won't kill her smile

BRAIN CANCER: Meka isn't letting her illness kill her bubbly personality and is raising funds for her surgery.
BRAIN CANCER: Meka isn't letting her illness kill her bubbly personality and is raising funds for her surgery. Cathy Moore

MEKA Goodrich was only 26 when she began preparing for her death.

She had mild headaches for three days before doctors confirmed that Meka had been living with a malignant brain tumour since she was five and was never aware.

The sister of five said accepting her fate was terrifying.

"It was very scary but I always give myself a couple of days to mourn something and then I'm back to myself,” she said.

"When life is ending, I want to be remembered as me, the nice, happy, bright, bubbly person that I am.

"All I could think when I was diagnosed was 'lucky it was me and not one of my sisters' because I don't have kids.

"I have tried to prepare as much as I can for grandpa so when I die, all he has to do is show a folder and everything should be in there.

"I have even found a second lot of parents for my sausage dog.”

Meka went for an operation to minimise the tumour and one month later they operated again from a new angle and administered seven weeks of radiation.

She said she sat in hospital for a month while medical professionals wondered what to do.

"Nobody wanted to work on me because it was a hard job,” she said.

"A brain doctor named Scott Campbell was separating Siamese twins at the time overseas and he said to me 'it's a big risk but I need you as a guinea pig' and I said, I am absolutely willing to do that.”

Ten years later Meka had a stroke and doctors found a second tumour.

She underwent a third surgery and second round of radiation before doctors told her to go home and see how things panned out.

This year, Meka went for a check-up and was notified that her second tumour had grown into her eye, causing nystagmus, meaning one of her eyes is constantly out of focus.

Now 43, Meka is refusing to let brain cancer kill her smile and is raising funds for her next surgery to reduce the size of the second tumour before she goes blind.

"I have found a doctor who will do it but it's going to cost $100,000,” she said.

Meka said there are numerous ways to help raise funds, including donating items to sell at garage sales, hosting events or simply heading to her GoFundMe page to donate directly at

Items can be dropped off at 17 Alpinia Ave, Banksia Beach or you can phone Meka on 0412345892 for more information on how to help.

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