Crackdown on glassings

After two glassings in two months, Coolum Hotel management will be asked to prove its need to continue trading with glass recepticles.

The hotel was one of 41 licensed venues issued with show cause notices this week to establish whether they need to trade regular glass for tempered glass or plastic.

Premier Anna Bligh said each of the venues had recorded incidents in which glass had been used as a weapon resulting in an injury over the past year.

A 35-year-old Peregian Springs man has been charged with unlawful wounding and seriously assaulting police after he allegedly grabbed a glass jug and smashed it over the head of a 38-year-old man in August.

Two months earlier, a 32-year-old Coolum man allegedly put a crowd controller and another man in hospital after an incident with a broken stubbie outside the hotel.

Ms Bligh said the government was determined to crack down on glassing incidents which had become more prevalent at late night venues.

“Glassing destroys lives - it is a disgraceful, cowardly act which often results in the permanent disfigurement of victims,” she said.

“Unfortunately these incidents are occurring with increasing regularity in Queensland's licensed premises and my government will not sit back and allow this situation to continue.

“Over the past year, there have been 55 incidents involving glassings in these 41 premises and that's unacceptable.

“This is about acting to crack down on this type of unacceptable violence but doing so in a way that we achieve good, commonsense outcomes.”

Ms Bligh said a parliamentary inquiry would be given a specific reference to transition other pubs and clubs to tempered glass or plastic in close consultation with the industry.

Liquor licensing minister Peter Lawlor said the show cause notices were part of ongoing efforts to change the drinking culture in Queensland.

“The show cause process gives us the opportunity to validate the incidents police have recorded and ensure we are cracking down on the establishments we should be,” he said.

“These premises will be conditioned with non-glass products and if they continue to operate negligently they will risk a loss of licence.”

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