Cyclefest riles residents besieged by Coast event

Sunshine Coast Cycle Fest in Maroochydore. Queensland road team series.  Women's race action.
Sunshine Coast Cycle Fest in Maroochydore. Queensland road team series. Women's race action. John McCutcheon

UPDATE: Murrays Café owner Kylie Murray says she was not trying to upset Cotton Tree residents when talking about the benefits of a cycling event in her local streets.

Sunshine Coast Cyclefest brought together about 1000 competitors over Saturday and Sunday but road closures and event-related noise was not welcomed by all Cotton Tree residents.

Mrs Murray said she was referring to the effort required by the charity event's organisers to make it happen.

"These volunteers that do it for the love of it, they don't have any time on their hands," Mrs Murray said.

"In my opinion it is a small price to pay if we are raising money for infant death support."

She said road closures affected her business by blocking off regular customers but she chose to make the most of such situations.

"We have to deal with it for the greater good."

Event organiser Adam Mathieson has also responded to a resident's complaint about loud music coming from the oval across the road from her Fifth Ave home on Saturday afternoon.

He said it was coming from a completely unrelated event.

"It had nothing to do with us," Mr Mathieson said.

EARLIER: Loud pre-dawn announcements and blocked access to homes have driven Cotton Tree resident Kathy Fraser to speak out against bearing the load of weekend events.

She has lived in Sixth Ave for 11 years and has noticed a range of sporting and tourism events become more regular and more intrusive.

This weekend's Sunshine Coast Cyclefest infuriated her and some other residents.

She said noise from loudspeaker announcements and a generator from before 5am on Sunday was a rude awakening.

Having to wait for police escorts to get their cars in and out of local streets during Saturday's events was also frustrating.

"We've had enough," Ms Fraser said.


Cotton Tree residents Kathy Fraser and Clare Newcome have not enjoyed the effects of a cycling event being held in streets around their homes.
Cotton Tree residents Kathy Fraser and Clare Newcome have not enjoyed the effects of a cycling event being held in streets around their homes. Warren Lynam

She said the argument of such events boosting trade at nearby businesses had worn thin.

"The residents are not responsible to bring revenue in this area.

"It is not our job."

She said she had contacted her local councillor but was told the event would go ahead.

"We pay good rates and the respect the council show you... there is none."

Fifth Ave resident Clare Newcome said loud music on Saturday afternoon from the oval across the street was not welcome.

"I didn't know they were entitled to play music at these events," Ms Newcome said.

She felt it her duty as chair of her apartment complex body corporate to speak out.

"I have their (residents') welfare at stake."

Ms Fraser said residents were sick of being told what they could and couldn't do in their own streets.

"A few people might think it is fantastic... but I tell you what there are a lot of people who don't."

One of those who did think it was fantastic was Murrays Cafe owner, Kylie Murray, who said she was a huge fan of the event.

The start and finish line was right in front of her Kingsford Smith Dr business.

Her shop stayed open for a few extra hours on Saturday afternoon and opened at 4.30am on Sunday specially to cater for event cyclists.

"Yesterday was a record day," Mrs Murray said.

"People get to see what goes on down this way- I think it is awesome."

She said residents were informed of the event months ago.

"In terms of people not wanting to have their worlds upset, it is because they have too much time on their hands to complain."

Sunshine Coast Cyclefest organiser Adam Mathieson said the not-for-profit annual event was this year raising money for miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support service Sands Queensland.

He said organisers acquired all the permits they needed to host the event.

"We did a letter box drop to all residents in Cotton Tree advising what was going on," Mr Mathieson said.

"For the businesses in Cotton Tree it is a massive stimulus."

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