Giving thanks for faithful pets

When animals and their owners turn out to tomorrow’s (Saturday) Blessing of Pets at the Coolum Anglican Church, there is sure to be a lot of “extra prayers” – prayers to sit still, stop howling, refrain from licking, and definitely no marking of territory!

But Reverend Jackie Lidgate said pet owners needn’t worry about their dog, cat, fish, guinea pig, bird or other animals’ behaviour in church as her six-year-old lab, Bailey is sure to set the worst example.

Rev Lidgate said the inaugural “feral” service from 3pm on St Francis’ Day – so named after the patron saint of animals – was an occasion to give thanks to the wonderful animals in our lives.

“We will have each pet blessed – although I am not sure I can bless slithering snake-like things,” she exclaimed.

“I do hope everyone feels free to come along and give thanks for our pets and creation that make life worthwhile. No one needs to feel unsure of the behaviour of their pet – I promise my gorgeous labrador will be the most badly behaved there!”

In addition to the blessing, the manager of the Noosa RSPCA will talk about the valuable work the organisation does throughout the area.

And on a fun note, there will also be quizzes on animals of the bible, with suitable prizes for the pets.

But is the reverend wondering if she has “bitten off more than she can chew” in hosting this unusual service?

“I have held pet blessings previously in other churches.”

“Surprisingly, the animals all behave once we are all sitting in the church,” she said.

A true miracle to behold we are sure!

For more details about the event, call the church on 5471 3455. All money raised on the day will be donated to the RSPCA.

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