Councillor Vivien Griffin wants a cycleway as part of the planned Sunshine Motorway upgrade.
Councillor Vivien Griffin wants a cycleway as part of the planned Sunshine Motorway upgrade.

Have your say about motorway

Councillor Vivien Griffin wants residents and road users to have their say about the planned Main Roads department upgrade of the Sunshine Motorway from Pacific Paradise to Eumundi Road.

“As both the local councillor for division nine and council’s integrated transport portfolio spokesperson, I believe there are three key issues that Main Roads need to address,” Ms Griffin said.

“First is the off-road cycle path, second is the over-engineered design solutions proposed for interchanges, and third is the need to provide high-quality landscaping, including trees, as part of the design.”

Ms Griffin said that it was imperative that Main Roads incorporated a high-quality, grade-separated, off-road cycle path as part of the design.

“The Sunshine Motorway route has been designated as a major Regional Cycle Network route by Queensland Transport,” she said.

“In addition, Main Roads’ own policy states that they will ‘positively provide for cyclists’ in road upgrading projects along priority cycling routes.

“With peak oil looming, and petrol prices only heading one way, it is imperative that transport planning include all modes, including public transport and cycling.”

The second issue the councillor is concerned about is the use of clover leaf-design interchanges at the Coolum Beach and Peregian Springs roundabouts.

“I have watched in dismay the huge destruction occurring at the Pacific Paradise interchange and I don’t want to see more of the ‘Los Angelisation’ of the Sunshine Coast,” she said.

“I think we need to look at alternatives such as a simpler and less expensive diamond interchange. The money saved on the interchanges could be put towards the cycle path.”

Ms Griffin also wants to ensure that the design incorporates a high-quality, landscaped median strip that includes trees as part of the planting.

“If we have to have a four-lane motorway, then at least it should be softened by good landscaping. Otherwise it is just like driving through a lunar landscape and you could be anywhere in any urban setting, not our wonderful Sunshine Coast region.

“The design of major roads is one of those things that can make or break the look and feel of a region. I urge residents to get involved on this one and have your say.”

There are unmanned displays at the council’s Tewantin office and the Coolum Beach Library. There will also be a manned display at the Coolum Community Centre on Saturday from 9am-1pm.

Residents can also go to the study website on and fill out a feedback form.

The closing date for comment is August 15.

“I will certainly be seeking to ensure that the above issues form part of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council comments to the Main Roads Department."

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