The Sunshine Coast's Jonny Mew is set to launch his Our Love single.
The Sunshine Coast's Jonny Mew is set to launch his Our Love single.

Jonny Mew has whole lotta love to share

THE Beatles famously sang All You Need is Love. And now this enduring sentiment, penned by John Lennon more than half-a-century ago, is echoed in the beautiful lyrics of Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Jonny Mew's new single Our Love.

Music lovers will get the chance to hear Mew "sing from the heart, for the heart", at his single launch tomorrow, February 29, at Foxy on Coolum.

The acoustic rock ballad was written by Mew to celebrate family, love and relationships.

His muse was his own beautiful family: wife Sand and sons Arlo, 10, and Bodhi, 6.

It was written on the hop while feeling a bit stretched with family commitments.

Strumming some chords outside while the kids were doing jujitsu lessons, Our Love is a moving reflection on how lucky the singer-songwriter's family was to make it through the tough early years.

The young family moved from Cairns to Coffs Harbour before settling on the Coast six years ago.

"There are many families like us who've had to raise their young kids with no family support of their own," Mew says.

"Then there's the added pressures of rental instability, business stress and the need for a dual income. These challenges can make or break a family."

Mew's parents divorced when he was in his teens and he says his own troubled family life made him determined to "do things different to what the old man did".

"Things get busy and tense sometimes. I also wrote the song as a reminder for men - fathers like me - that it's OK to feel emotions and get stressed," he says.

"The important thing is to always make time to talk things through with your partner and find healthy ways to discharge negative energy."

Mew cites John Farnham's The Voice as his earliest musical memory, which he first heard when he was three.

In his teens, it was Brandon Boyd from '90s American rock band Incubus, who inspired the young musician to really sing and experiment with a big range vocally.

These days Mew's main music styles are acoustic roots, rock and reggae, nuanced by powerful storytelling.

"I love the beauty and simplicity Paul Kelly brings through so often in his own storytelling, and of course, my other music heroes are Paul McCartney and John Lennon for obvious reasons - they're music legends," Mew says.

The live set tomorrow will be all Mew's original songs including one titled Mount Gulum, - the Aboriginal Gubbi Gubbi people's name for Mt Coolum, which is literally in Mew's backyard.

"The Coast inspires me every day with its beautiful people and natural beauty, especially the energy that Mt Coolum gives and receives," he says

Marco Debie (Mago Menla) will warm up the audience with didgeridoo-infused world-music sounds incorporating Native American flute and other aural treats.

Then after Mew's solo set, the two musicians will collaborate live on stage.

The single launch gig will be from 3-6pm.

Tickets are $12.64 from or at the door for $15 adults and $3 children.

Foxy on Coolum is in Beach Rd, Coolum Beach.

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