More cheer to beer

Ash Webb demonstrates her strength in an arm-wrestle at Dicey's.
Ash Webb demonstrates her strength in an arm-wrestle at Dicey's. Chrissy Harris

ASH Webb, a bartender at Dicey's Irish Pub, doesn't drink beer but will definitely consider it after hearing a study has found that women who drink beer have stronger bones and less chance of developing osteoporosis.

This is due to the high level of silicon in beer which slows down bone thinning and speeds up the formation of new bone.

Beer is also high in phytoestrogens, the plant equivalent of oestrogen, which also strengthens bones.

Allen Clark of Dicey's says this news will encourage more women to drink beer.

“I would think that if beer is better for you than wine then you might as well have a beer,” he said.

Mr Clark says in the last five years he has noticed a big change in the drinking culture.

“More women are drinking beer. I think it's because there are more beers out there, a much larger range and more beers are targeting women.”

He says that beer advertising has definitely shifted its focus to include women in its target group.

“In the old ads you would see a big-breasted woman pouring beers for a group of blokes but now you are more likely to see a guy at the bar serving a group of women and men,” said Mr Clark.

Mr Clark said that while there has been a huge increase in women drinking beer, the most common age group for female beer drinkers is 21-30. Mr Clark attributes this to beer being more trendy and the large range of beers available.

“We stock over 160 different beers and plenty are female-friendly,” said Mr Clark.

He said the most popular beer for women tend to be the low-carb, lighter options and the infusions.

“Ten to 15 years ago you wouldn't see women drinking beer at all but now it is more female-friendly and more trendy with the low alcohol and the infused beers,” Mr Clark said.

Mr Clark said that the most popular and female-friendly beers were Pure Blonde and Hahn Super Dry for the low-carb option.

Barefoot Radler and Carlton Dry Fusion were the most popular infusions. Hahn Premium Light and Cascade Premium Light the most popular light beer, he said.


Beer is not the first food or drink to promise health benefits, other 'miracle' foods include: A glass a day of red wine is good for your heart as well as slowing down signs of ageing Popcorn contains antioxidants shown to help prevent cancer Dark chocolate can help prevent heart disease Green tea is said to speed up the metabolism and assist in weight loss Salmon contains high levels of Omega-3s said to help depression.

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