Sandy Bolton outside her new office at Noosa Civic
Sandy Bolton outside her new office at Noosa Civic Alan Lander

Noosa's new state MP: Sandy Bolton

SANDY Bolton, Member for Noosa.

It has a ring to it - and will shortly be a reality.

The race for the seat of Noosa in the state election was all over bar the preferencing as at yesterday lunchtime.

Ms Bolton was still adamant on Thursday she would not accept her win until the seat was declared - a principle she seemingly shares with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk - but admitted her prospects for winning the seat now looked almost certain as the last preferences were counted.

At the time of Noosa News going to press on Thursday, it was less a matter of whether Ms Bolton had won, and much more about how big a win that would be, as preferences were being busily allocated by Electoral Commission staff, with a final result to be declared most likely late yesterday afternoon.

All six other candidates - including sitting member Glen Elmes - had Ms Bolton either as second or third preference recommendation on their how-to-vote cards suggesting a strong surge, however all candidates reported a large number of voters not picking up their how-to-vote information at the polling stations, both in pre-polling and on election day, suggesting some deviation in the voting preference pattern.

ECQ Returning Officer Colin Brown yesterday morning said strong preference flow from independent Aaron White to Greens' candidate Phillip Jenkins has seen Mr Jenkins jump to fourth position over One Nation candidate Eve Whiteside yesterday.

Noosa News will publish the final complete results in its Tuesday edition.

Meanwhile, Ms Bolton has acknowledged previous sitting member Mr Elmes' concession.

"I thank Glen Elmes for his gracious concession and for his years of service as Noosa MP, and wish him and his family well," Ms Bolton said.

And now it's down to business for the former Noosa councillor, while awaiting the final declaration of the election, the swearing-in, then the reality of high expectations, and having to actually deal with the issues rather than just talking about them.

"Success in the election means a new kind of politics for Noosa," Ms Bolton said.

"This will be a victory for getting things done and the start of an era when our community will claim its fair share of state resources.

"We have for too long been perceived as a place that could be safely ignored by respective governments and oppositions.

"The truth is that Noosa is more than just a beautiful environment and an upmarket tourism destination.

"We have problems here that many Queenslanders would recognise - problems of housing affordability, unsafe roads, a vulnerable economy and social issues which make us far from an elite sanctuary.

"I made a commitment to the people of Noosa during the campaign that I will fight tenaciously for their interests and that I will be accountable directly to them for what I do in their name.

"I will continue to connect and consult because there are plenty of things a local MP cannot do without the backing of an engaged and energetic community."

Ms Bolton said she wants to provide leadership and strength to recapture the spirit of Noosa.

"We are beyond allowing party politics to treat us as bystanders anymore," she said.

"A few years ago our community marched to Brisbane to restore our own council. Now our people have marched into the polling booths to restore the Noosa we really want.

"This is a feisty community that has battled for decades to protect its environment and to progress its society and economy.

"Since this recent election, people are really excited. The dynamism is palpable.

"People feel empowered to create the Noosa they want through a local politics that is about collective aspiration.

"This result is giving us an opportunity to again do things the Noosa way."

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