Twin Waters canals and the Mudjimba Apex camp (far right). Photo: Mike Swaine (
Twin Waters canals and the Mudjimba Apex camp (far right). Photo: Mike Swaine (

Paddle Protest

Canal-dwelling residents living in million-dollar mansions alongside a Twin Waters canal want to capsize canoeing activities at Apex Camp Mudjimba.

A petition calling for activities on the canal, and at a nearby park, to be relocated has been signed by more than two dozen residents and handed to camp management.

In a letter presented on Friday to camp manager Vince Boeske, resident Dieter Gogel said the noise was “unacceptable” and “completely out of keeping with the residential area”.

The camp opened 24 years ago, when the area was swamp land.

“The disturbance to the peace and tranquillity of this usually peaceful area has resulted in a loss of lifestyle for the residents in their own homes and is causing considerable distress, and even health problems, for some of the residents,” Mr Gogel said.

“Many residents shut themselves inside their homes when Apex are in the park or on the lake, but even then cannot escape the incessant screaming, yelling and the use of piercing whistles by the instructors, all of which adds up to unbearable noise and disturbance of the peace.”

Mr Gogel said many residents had invested their life savings in their properties and had the right to enjoy a quiet life.

Mr Boeske denied the noise was excessive. He said many people living near the camp were reasonable and others “unreasonable”.

“We’re tolerant of other people’s needs – we believe we have to co-exist,” he said.

“But it’s still a camp. There’s going to be some noise.

“It would be ideal to have no noise, but that’s not going to happen.”

Mr Boeske said the noise from planes flying overhead was severe at times.

“But pop a balloon doing archery and some residents can’t stand it,” he said.

The manager said the camp was open from 9am to about 3.30pm and activities were seldom held on weekends.

He said the Environmental Protection Agency had responded to noise complaints and found the camp had no case to answer. This was the first time he had been handed a petition.

“I consider myself to be a reasonable man, fair,” he said.

“They (residents of The Sound) just pushed a button.”

Residents have suggested holding canoeing activities on the Maroochy River, but Mr Boeske said the river was not safe enough.

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