PROTESTERS from the Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy at Brisbane's Musgrave Park have snaked their way around the city.

The group, which shrunk in numbers since they were kicked out of Musgrave Park in West End this morning, marched to Parliament House at 11:30am ahead of the opening ceremony this afternoon.

Protesters stood in the Speaker's Corner chanting "always was, always will be Aboriginal land."

One speaker said Aboriginal representatives had approached the Premier's office requesting an appointment with him today.

Police presence was heavy at Parliament House where the lavish opening ceremony, involving Governor Penelope Wensley is due to start at 1:30pm. 

At midday, protestors marched down George Street, stopping traffic.

One man said they were marching to the watch house at the police headquarters on Roma Street, where a protestor was being held.

Protestors were taking turns speaking into a microphone, with one man shouting about sovereign rights. 

A woman, who identified herself as an Anglo-Saxon Australian, told the crowd she could not "stand back and watch the injustice that happens to indigenous people on a daily business."

Police officers on bikes and motorcycles stopped traffic on George Street as the march made its way through the city.


Tent embassy protesters evicted

Police have moved on a group of protestors from a Aboriginal embassy set up in Brisbane's Musgrave Park.

Negotiations between aboriginal elders, Brisbane City Council and police over the indigenous group's presence at Musgrave Park began at 6am this morning.

Police cordoned off the park from a majority of onlookers and the media.

A small contingent of vocal supporters gathered outside the fenced off park and gave speeches.

Tensions flared when police approached a protestor inside the park, prompting on lookers to yell at the police.

People chanted "always was always, always will be aboriginal land" as they were ushered out of the park at 9am.

A key group of Aboriginal protestors carried sacred burning ashes outside of the park and began to dance and sing around it.

One protestor said the group was willing to give up 80% of the park to BCC.

Police said negotiations hit a sticking point when the protestors wanted to keep a bon fire burning in the park.

The demonstrators have relocated to a clearing opposite Musgrave Park.

More than 200 police surrounded the park this morning and made 30 arrests.

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