VICTORIOUS: Brett Milini and his Glasshouse team-mates can celebrate a win over Caboolture.
VICTORIOUS: Brett Milini and his Glasshouse team-mates can celebrate a win over Caboolture. Patrick Woods

Rangers claim long-awaited one-day win over Snakes

CRICKET: An epic win to Glasshouse over Caboolture - the Rangers' first one-day victory over the Snakes since 1999 - has contributed to a ladder log jam in the Sunshine Coast division one one-day competition.

All games on Saturday were completed after doubts about the weather, with only the Gympie -Tewantin/Noosa clash shortened to a 40 over bout. The Gold took the points at Read Park, while Caloundra left Nambour at the bottom of the table after a gutsy batting performance at Henzell Oval.

At Glasshouse, the home team batted first to raise 8/207 in an innings where the Rangers top order got starts, but none went on to the big score to dominate the contest. Jeremy Schultz reached 49 and Liam Moffett joined Dan Cahill with 30 as the Caboolture attack niggled away, turning a threatening 3/133 into a middling 6/167 that Steve Heise and Forster extended past the mental 200 barrier.

Caboolture's reply was interrupted when Matt Martin ran out consistent opener Matt Schubert, then three dismissals had the home hopes leaping with the Snakes wounded at 4/44. But with skipper Glen Batticciotto at the crease with a persistent Matt Parkinson, there was no easy path.

The pair took the tally into three figures before Liam Moffett removed Parkinson at 129, bringing Jordan McManus to the middle. With Batticciotto determined to be there at the end, his half-century was an ominous sign for the Rangers, but Heise gained the prize wicket at 169, as Liam Moffett held the catch with the visiting captain gone for 72.

The Snakes batted on, McManus leaving at 29, but the run rate was rising, as the overs closed out. Nick Murphy was run out at 200, leaving last men Dan Book and Jack Connew to face an unlikely Liam Moffett, needing seven runs off the final over. Perhaps the veteran trio of Schultz, Milini and Forster cast their minds back to the historic tie in 2004, but that was not to be when the keeper took Book's edge off the first delivery, and the Snakes' challenge was over at 201.

Harrison Clark-Burnham has played 15 matches for Caloundra, making his first half-century against Tewantin last round, but surpassed that with an unbeaten 76 to bring the Lighthouses home over Nambour at Henzell Oval. In tricky conditions, the Cutters had extended a precarious 6/73 to a merely shaky 147, courtesy of 43 at the end from Jayden Francis.

Matt Burton had shredded the visitors' top order with an early four wickets, and when Francis removed Mitch Elmes for 9, Nambour required a similar start, but Cark-Burnham was to stay till the close as wickets fell around him. Burton and Josh Winen added 25 between them at the end as he took the Lighthouses to the line in 34 overs, earning a valuable bonus point.

IN ACTION: Stephen Shaw ready to bowl for Tewantin/Noosa
IN ACTION: Stephen Shaw ready to bowl for Tewantin/Noosa Warren Lynam

Ashley Sippel's 73 from 60 balls laid the base for Gympie's 190 in the reduced over game at Read Park, where the sodden outfield caused delay. His 89 pairing with the patient Dan Shepperson left the Gold with 21 overs to hit out, and wickets fell but the run rate stayed up, till Codey Rzeszkowski dismissed Travis Hillcoat with the final ball, giving him three victims to match Jake Dennien and Michael Thomson.

Troy Ashton took the return catch of the first ball of his stifling six over spell that yielded 2/9 and immediately put run rate pressure on the home reply. With Brycen Mitchell and Josh Brady miserly early as well, Ben Gear held out the attack with his 68 from 90 deliveries, with little support as wickets fell.

Two run-outs showed the urgency as the overs disappeared, with Travis Hillcoat collecting 3/36 in the Thunder's 153.

Two one-day matches were also contested on Sunday. Read about them in Tuesday's edition.


SCCA DIVISION 1 ROUND 5 03-12-2017



Matthews J. lbw b Burton 4

Ledger S. ct Clark-Burnham b Burton 16

Collins A. ct Clark-Burnham b Smith 6

Wallace N. ct Clark-Burnham b Burton 0

Wilson R. ct Jones b Harrison 20

Dodd S. ct Powell b Burton 1

Darlow G. b Harrison 24

Eggmolesse T. ct Smith b Jones 14

Francis J. ct Aldous b Powell 43

Ilott B. not out 8

Singh G. ct Powell b Smith 1

Sundries: 10

Total: 147

FOW: 12, 22, 23, 30, 34, 73, 88, 104, 141, 147.

Bowling: Smith 8.4-2-32-2, Burton 10-3-22-4, Aldous 4-0-24-0,

Harrison 6-1-15-2, Jones 5-1-20-1, Winen 8-2-18-0, Powell 4-0-14-1.

Overs: 45.4


Elmes M. b Francis 9

Aldous J. b Francis 21

Clark-Burnham H. not out 76

Jones,B. ct Wilson b Eggmolesse 6

Kristensen A. ct Ledger b Wallace 1

Glew I. lbw b Eggmolesse 1

Burton M. lbw b Darlow 10

Winen J. not out 15

Sundries: 10

Total: 6/148

FOW: 22, 50,69, 70, 90, 107.

Bowling: Francis 6-0-31-2, Singh 4-0-25-0, Eggmolesse 7-1-31-2,

Wallace 10-2-29-1, Darlow 6-2-22-1, Ilott 1.3-0-9-0.

Overs: 34.3.






Moffett L. ct Book b Clark 30

Owen H. ct & b McManus 19

Cahill D. ct Schablon b Connew 30

Milini B. run out 5

Schultz J. ct Parkinson b Connew 49

Sawyer R. ct Schubert b Connew 5

Forster S. ct Book b Murphy 23

Heise S. ct Connew b Murphy 14

Baartz A. not out 1

Fischer H. not out 0

Sundries: 31

Total: 8/207

FOW: 43, 59, 80,133, 147, 167, 205, 207.

Bowling: Murphy 7-1-20-2, Parkinson 7-1-18-0, McManus 9-0-48-1,

Clark 7-0-37-1, Schablon 10-3-21-0, Connew 10-0-60-3.

Overs: 50


Schubert M. run out 13

Baker R. ct Heise b Baartz 10

Coffin J. lbw b Heise 5

Batticciotto G. ct Moffett b Heise 72

Schablon A. b Fischer 2

Parkinson M. ct Milini b Moffett 36

McManus J. ct Heise b Fischer 29

Book D. ct Milini b Moffett 14

Clark Z. ct Heise b Schultz 2

Murphy N. run out 4

Connew J. not out 0

Sundries: 17

Total: 201

FOW: 23, 31, 38, 44, 129, 169, 184, 188, 200, 201.

Bowling: Heise 10-0-32-2, Fischer 10-1-32-2, Schultz 10-0-42-1,

Baartz, Martin 3-0-13-0, Moffett 9-0-46-2

Overs: 49.1




Sippel A. b Thomson 73

Shepperson D. ct Officer b Thomson 16

Waugh L. ct Morgan b Dennien 16

Brady T. ct Campbell b Thomson 5

Brady J. ct Thomson b Dennien 19

Batten A. b Rzeszkowski 27

Cartwright M. lbw b Dennien 1

Ashton T. st Campbell b Rzeszkowski 12

Mitchell D. ct Campbell b Shaw 4

Reid A. not out 2

Hillcoat T. ct Dennien b Rzeszkowski 4

Sundries: 11

Total: 190

FOW: 89, 114, 118, 125, 160, 162, 179, 184, 186, 190.

Bowling: Payton 6-1-31-0, Officer 5-0-23-0, Rzeszkowski 7.5-1-34-3,

Shaw 5-0-32-1, Thomson 8-0-38-0, Dennien 8-0-31-3

Overs: 40.


Dennien J. ct & b Ashton 1

Rzeszkowski C. ct J.Brady b Ashton 0

Gear B. ct Cartwright b Hillcoat 68

Kratzmann A. ct Vidler b J.Brady 10

Shaw S. b J.Brady 20

Officer J. b Hillcoat 6

Griffin T. st Batten b T.Brady 10

Morgan D. run out 9

Campbell R. lbw b Hillcoat 4

Payton R. run out 8

Thomson M. not out 4

Sundries: 15

Total: 153

FOW: 1, 10, 43, 91, 110, 115, 124, 133, 144, 155.

Bowling: Mitchell 5-0-22-1, Ashton 5.3-2-9-2, J.Brady 6-0-21-1,

Reid 5-0-31-0, T.Brady 8-0-40-2, Hillcoat 8-1-26-3.

Overs: 37.3


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