The 'movie' poster announcing the birt of baby Jasmine.
The 'movie' poster announcing the birt of baby Jasmine.

Screaming at a kindy near you

Some parents put a birth notice in the paper, some just phone friends and family with the good news.

But when Luke and Julia Reschow’s daughter, Jasmine Jade, came into the world, they wanted to do something different to mark the joyous occasion.

The result is an authentic looking movie poster, advertising Sweet as Jasmine as a story “based on a true baby” that was “nine months in the making”.

The production (or perhaps, reproduction) is rated G for girl: Suitable for all ages. Contains brief nudity.

Luke and Julia got the idea from a magazine, which had featured a US website that created pseudo movie posters to mark special occasions.

“You can do it all over the internet, like everything these days,” Luke said.

“You just upload photos and information. They’ve got some templates and some ideas to choose from and then you just use that as inspiration.”

To announce Jasmine’s arrival, the Yaroomba couple emailed the poster to people in their address book and printed postcard-sized versions for close family and friends.

“We got a full-size one printed for the wall,” Luke said.

“It’s been framed and mounted on the wall in the bedroom, which looks really impressive at the full size.”

“Every time you look at it you find something else in it that you crack up at.”

Luke said they were enjoying parenthood.

“We’ve been blessed with a very well-behaved baby. She’s sleeping through the night, feeding well and doing the right things.”

Luke and Julia own organic hair care company Everescents, which distributes plant-based hair care products to salons.

With Julia officially on maternity leave, Luke is left holding the fort while Julia is holding the baby.

“It’s been tough for me, being at work full time and hearing all the stories of the first smiles and first giggles and having to catch them for myself,” he said.

Sweet as Jasmine, directed by midwife Gail Wheeler, was filmed on location at Nambour General Hospital and premiered on January 23 at 7am (weighing 4082 grams).

Subtitles are in Goo Goo Ga Ga.

Luke was coy about the possibility of a sequel.

“There are no plans in the works yet, for episode 2, 3 or 4.”

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