Stoush over 'Adani donation' accusations against MP

SHOWDOWN: Glen Elmes confronts Greens Noosa candidate Phillip Jenkins and party members outside his Noosa office.
SHOWDOWN: Glen Elmes confronts Greens Noosa candidate Phillip Jenkins and party members outside his Noosa office. Channel Seven

NOOSA Greens state election candidate Phillip Jenkins has accused the LNP's Glen Elmes of directly benefiting from donations from mining companies and controversial miner Adani.

On Thursday, Mr Elmes posted on Mr Jenkins' Facebook page, saying Mr Elmes had not received any mining or Adani donations towards his campaign.

Mr Jenkins staged a demonstration outside Mr Elmes' office on Friday as a result, calling on Mr Elmes to "come clean and admit that his party and his campaign are funded mainly by the LNP's corporate sponsors, Adani among them".

He said both Labor and the LNP had benefited from mining company donations and the largest single donation was $49,500 from Adani to the LNP.

"It's a matter of public record," Mr Jenkins said, adding the Greens' policy was not to accept corporate donations.

Mr Elmes emerged from his office to confront Mr Jenkins and a group of Greens supporters, angrily denying he was the recipient of mining company donations to his campaign.

"You accused me - you said Glen Elmes is benefiting," he told Mr Jenkins.

"Show me the proof where someone has given me a donation from Adani or any other mining company."

Mr Jenkins responded: "You're saying that you have not received anything from the LNP?"

Mr Elmes replied: "I fund my own campaign. Totally.

"If there is state-wide advertising that has taken place - television or something like that - how they got that money you'd have to ask the LNP.

"But in terms of every cent in my seat, I raise, I fund and can guarantee you not a cent from Adani or any other mining company."

Mr Elmes challenged Mr Jenkins to provide proof of his claim.

"The Greens candidate should immediately and without qualification apologise publicly for the slur," Mr Elmes said.

Mr Jenkins also claimed liability for Adani funding by the federal NAIF would fall solely upon Queenslanders and why the Palaszczuk Government had backed away from signing up to it.

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