Students step up to the challenge

Coolum Primary School presented its student leaders for 2009 at an inspiring ceremony last Friday.

Proud parents and grandparents outnumbered teachers at the event, which saw school captains, student councillors and sports captains acknowledged by their teachers and peers.

Coolum Primary School principal Pat Cavanagh said students could provide leadership in many ways.

“Leadership is not necessarily about being out the front giving orders,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“It can be seen amongst the student body through the simple things of helping others, showing initiative, assisting where possible, encouraging and respecting fellow students.”

He said student leaders were often confronted with the challenge of “stepping forward”.

“Accepting this responsibility and the associated commitment is something that we all must accept as we make our way through life,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“To have good student leaders it is very important that all students support and encourage those who have chosen to accept the responsibility of a leadership position.

“One never knows when you will be called upon to lead from the front, and when you are in this situation you will surely appreciate the support of those around you.”

Mr Cavanagh congratulated the students who had accepted the leadership roles.

“At the end of your time we hope that you can look back with pride and be satisfied that you were someone others could look up to as you endeavoured to make Coolum State School a better place,” he said.

Mr Cavanagh quoted American civil rights activist and religious leader Jesse Jackson on the subject of leadership: “Leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving.”


Chelsea Ansell and Isak Ljubisavljevic

Vice-captains: Jaimi Barton and Jarvis McNamara.


JG Noeth, Callum Noel, Chad Polla-Mounter, Matthew Graham, Mitchell Weston, Syroni Moore, Eli Austen, Josh Taylor, Jackson Smith, Chantel Kennedy, Jake Curran, Tom Yarwood, Jordan Vickers, Amelia Dreger, Jennifer Kerr, Ryan Edwards, Tiasha Stokes, Samantha McDougall, Mia Zordan and Lara Carrington.



Captains: Alice Hollowood and Jesse Law.

Vice-captains: Nikki Bald and Jarah Armstrong.


Captains: Bri Noel and Kirra Green.

Vice-captains: Savannah Richardson and Harley Pascoe.


Captains: Lateesha Rai and Luke Warrington.

Vice-captains: Jordan Atkins and Riley Bruce.


Captains: Isabella Nichols and Ellis Beny.

Vice-captains: Helena Nichols and Elijah Walters.

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