Tough restrictions on Kings Cross

THE most dangerous red-light district in the country will be hit with the toughest licensing restrictions under the NSW Government's planned Kings Cross crackdown.

As of September 28, drug sniffer dogs and alcohol marshals will patrol the Golden Mile's train stations where services will run into the city every 15 minutes.

All pub and clubs will be subject to alcohol bans which restrict the service of doubles and shots after midnight, taxi ranks will be manned by security guards and ID scanners will be installed at the door of popular night spots.

Anyone kicked out of a licensed venue also will be banned from returning to the entire clubbing precinct.

Speaking in NSW Parliament on Tuesday, Premier Barry O'Farrell said the changes had been a long time coming and warned the message was simple - "clean up or clean out".

He also paid tribute to Bowral teenager Thomas Kelly, who died after being king hit in the cross earlier this year and said "we owe it to his memory" to reduce the risk of drunken violence.

Since the State Government first flagged the bans Kings Cross publicans have held several private meetings and have not ruled out a legal challenge.

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