What do you think of TV ads?

Television commercials are making commercial television unwatchable.

It isn’t just the number of ads in each break that I object to.

It isn’t even the number of breaks in each program.

It isn’t the number of ads that are repeated “ad” nauseum during the one program and even within the one break.

It isn’t that the ads breaks are placed with little sensitivity to the dramatic or comic flow of the program.

It isn’t that many ads scream and flash at me in my own home.

It just that these same ads repeat their selling messages and trading terms as though I am an idiot.

It isn’t that many of the ads are promotions for the networks’ own programs of US pap and cheap reality shows.

It isn’t that the number of ads causes just about every show on commercial TV to start late.


There, I feel better now that I’ve got that off my chest.

I know commercial television has to have ads but there has to be a better way.

If companies are able to repeat their ads over and over during one program, does that mean the ads are too cheap?

What about making ads more expensive? Then we’d get fewer, but better quality, commercials.

And there are some good commercials.

I used to enjoy the Carlton Draught’s “It’s a Big Ad” set to Carl Orff’s music.

And the Telstra Broadband “Great Wall of China” ad was great the first couple of viewings.

But no matter how good a television commercial is, or a program or a song for that matter, it loses its appeal with repetition.

Apart from those electrical and furniture retailer ads for the hard of hearing and slow to catch on, my most uncomfortable TV moments come when banks and insurance companies present their warm and fuzzy side. Creepy.

And speaking of insurance companies, how about that obnoxious kid in the AAMI ad who crashes the remote-controlled car?

But that kid in the HBA health insurance ad who says the “crocodile came up, and he bit my guts out … and my leg went that way, and my head went that way,” – now, he’s great.

But apparently it is an old ad and that kid is now about 14 years old. Aah, they don’t make ’em like they used to.

Well that’s about it. I’ve probably offended just about everyone but it’s just my view. What do you think? What are your best and worst TV ads?

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