French surfers Fred and Aureile Branger tandem surf at the Noosa Festival of Surfing on Sunday. Photo: Steve Robertson/Surfing Australia
French surfers Fred and Aureile Branger tandem surf at the Noosa Festival of Surfing on Sunday. Photo: Steve Robertson/Surfing Australia

US surfers win major events

US surfers took a double in the Pro divisions at this year’s Noosa Festival of Surfing with Taylor Jensen taking a win in the Golden Breed Pro title and Christian Wach winning the Golden Breed Pro Noserider.

A couple of near-perfect Noosa waves, and a desire to get one back on former world champion Josh Constable, guided Jensen to his first Golden Breed Pro title.

San Diego-based Jensen has been venturing to the Noosa Festival of Surfing for five years, but hadn’t managed to compete in a final until heading out at First Point around lunchtime on the penultimate day of the 2009 event.

He munched up the idyllic 1.25m point breaks, nailing a 9.6 and a 9.1 to take the Noosa title away from Peregian-based Constable, who totalled 17.15 with his top-two waves in the 30-minute final.

“The waves out there today were unbelievable, just about as good as it possibly gets for surfing longboards, and I pretty much knew, before the final started, that the winner would need to score a pair of nine-point plus rides,” Jensen said.

“With waves like these, that peel so perfectly, the scope to score big is just endless and it worked out for me today.

“I’ve had plenty of great battles with Constable over the years, and he beat me in the semi-finals of the 2006 ASP world titles, which he went on and won, so I feel I have just got one back on him today.”

Constable was in contention at the halfway stage when he scored an excellent 8.5 ride, but shortly after Jensen delivered his 9.6 ride and the chase was as good as over.

“Taylor has been the form surfer all week and he deserved today’s win,” Constable said.

“I’m stoked to have made the final and placed second.

“The last six weeks I’ve spent recovering from pneumonia, so I am pleased with my result. It’s early in the year and getting a good result here sets me up for a good year ahead.”

Wach was third on 16.10 and Noosa’s Harrison Roach (13.50), was fourth.

In the Golden Breed Pro Noserider event Californian-based Wach held off stiff competition from Noosa longboarders Trent Dick, 24, Zye Norris, 14, and Harrison Roach, 19.

Wach had his third successive win in the event clearly in his sights when he posted scores of 127 twice - equivalent to just over 2 minutes on the nose.

Second placed Trent Dickie from Noosa scored a very respectable 84 with Ezra Norris on 79 and Harrison Roach on 70 (both Noosa).

“That was the best heat I have ever surfed in my life,” Wach said.

“The waves are absolutely faultless and so perfect for noseriding it’s unbelievable.”

The style of surfing has no structured ratings system but Wach is a noseriding specialist and would likely be rated world number one if there was.

The Banana Boat Women’s Pro was won by Chelsea Williams, of Tweed Heads.

Williams was left requiring a 9.3 ride late in the women’s final and managed to grab a 9.5 with five minutes to go to see off Melissa Combo, 17.70 to 17.50.

“Melissa had a great start and had two excellent scores early but I always figured with such perfect waves out there, that a winning ride was going to pop up for me and fortunately, that’s exactly what happened,” Williams said.

“When Noosa breaks like this there’s just about no better wave for surfing longboards and today’s final was nearly as good as it gets.”

Selby Riddle (Queensland) took third on 13.25 and Isabelle Brayley (Byron Bay) was fourth on 12.3.

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