Wayne Cherry and Daryl Hurley.
Wayne Cherry and Daryl Hurley.

Wayne gets his wish

New Zealand rider Wayne Cherry will not be competing at the Motocross Nationals at Coolum this Sunday but he will be there – as a guest of the Make a Wish foundation.

Wayne, who is fighting lymphoma, was granted his wish to attend the championships to support his motocross hero Daryl Hurley.

Hurley has become a close friend and a strong support to the 13-year-old during his illness.

Wayne’s problems started around the New Zealand Grand Prix Motocross Championship in January.

Two days after he had put in what he described as a “lacklustre performance” at the event, he was in hospital being treated for pneumonia.

But on February 14, with his lungs full of fluid and his body deteriorating fast, Wayne was diagnosed with lymphoma and rushed to Christchurch hospital for cancer treatment.

In a letter to supporters, Wayne wrote that further tests highlighted how severe the cancer was.

“I was given a time period of 72 hours to either start getting a bit better or … ( I’m not writing that part). Anyway, thanks to the doctors and plenty of drugs and lots of chemotherapy, I’m still here,” he wrote.

“I look at cancer as one big set of whoops.

“I have about quarter of them done and haven’t crashed yet (been close though). I just need to get to the other end without crashing.”

Every fortnight Wayne travels 500km for a week of chemotherapy followed by a week’s break, to “rebuild” his system, before the chemo starts again.

“Sometimes I am not sure what’s worse, having cancer or having the treatment to get rid of it – plus the fact that I have gone from riding three times a week to now having my RM85 and 125 parked up.”

Wayne said when the opportunity came to apply to the Make a Wish foundation he knew he wanted to see Daryl Hurley ride in the Motocross Nationals at Coolum.

“I have followed Daryl’s career for about the last six years and he has been very supportive to me through my treatment, so it’s awesome to give some support back,” he said.

Make a Wish New Zealand said Wayne’s wish was achieved with the help of Motorcycling Australia, the Rockstar MX Nationals, Air NZ, and IAG insurance group.

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